b'Engineer Innovation | Sport ScienceUncovering the aerodynamic trickery behind Eliud Kipchoges sub-2-hour marathonBy Stephen Ferguson, Siemens Digital Industries Software CFD simulations by Christopher Beves, and Prashanth Shankara, Siemens Digital Industries SoftwareIn the early hours of Saturday, Octoberlegitimate world record. I dont want to 12, in Vienna Austria, Kenyas Eliudgo into too much detail here, but the Kipchoge ran 26.2 miles in 1 hour 59team apparently applied a scientific minutes and 40 seconds, becoming theapproach to optimizing every part of first human to complete the marathonhis kit, training, nutrition, and race distance in less than two hours. In thetactics. process, Kipchoge took down the biggest mythical barrier in the sportThe INEOS 1:59 project was Kipchoges since Roger Bannister broke the four- second attempt at breaking the 2-hour minute mile at the Iffley Road track inbarrier, a spiritual successor to the Nike Oxford, some 65 years ago. Breaking 2 project which took place on May 2017 at the Monza motor racing However, despite running two minutescircuit in Italy, at which Kipchoge was and one second faster than his ownagonizingly just 26 seconds (less than a world record (2:01:39, set at the Berlinsecond per mile) away from breaking Marathon in October 2018), Kipchogesthe two hour barrier. historic sub-2-hour effort will not be formally recognized as a new worldIn order to determine just how much record by the IAAF; the INEOS 1:59influence "aerodynamic trickery" had in project deliberately employed agetting Kipchoge within 26 seconds of number of tactics, as citied in Sciencethe mythical 2-hour barrier we decided magazine in May 2017 [1], that meantto run some CFD simulations using his time is not recognized as aSimcenter STAR-CCM+.10'