b'Automotive | Engineer InnovationThe laboratory manager, charged with equipping all rooms with adequate testing hardware and software, turned to the only supplier of an integrated hardware and software solution. The decision to work with Siemens Simcenter portfolio resulted in a complete testing infrastructure covering operational NVH assessment, modal analysis, material testing, sound source identification and finally transfer path analysis. The combination of Simcenter SCADAS data acquisition hardware (with approximately 500 channels) and Simcenter Testlab software is well suited for mobile and lab environment testing. With this setup the ICAT testing teams easily pursue basic and complex testing campaigns with a single software and hardware platform.We are very happy and impressed using Simcenter testing solutions in our NVH center, because they offer the most comprehensive toolset for all NVH testing needs on one integrated platform, explains Kiranpreet Singh, assistant general manager, NVH at ICAT. As our teams expand, the ease-of-use, short learning curves and flexibility of the hardware and software solutions were also important factors in our purchase decision.With the help of the Simcenter portfolio of testing solutions, ICAT offers services and expertise for vehicle engineering, validation and testing with comprehensive, up-to-date accredited testing facilities. The NVH lab is suited for homologation and certification of all types of vehicles, from two-wheelers to buses, trucks and tractors. The test tracks and the large semi-anechoic chambers welcome heavy equipment machines such as construction equipment vehicles.Fine-tuning the acoustic performance of a vehicle has never been as important as with hybrid-electric and battery-operated electric vehicles. Buzz, squeak and rattle noises, annoying ticks and clicks and irritating whining noises are no longer masked by the constant droning of the engine. The NVH lab at ICAT is perfectly geared to help manufacturers assess and perfect the noise performance of innovative vehicles and address future mobility challenges.59'