b'Engineer Innovation | AutomotiveHyundai Motor CompanyGlobal automotive OEM adopts Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions to minimize transmission gear noise Simcenter 3DSimcenter 3D helps Hyundai reducekey challenge in designing a gear whine in drivetrainstransmission model that can be used to assess noise or durability is the need to MotionSimulating transmission behavior correctly represent not just the overall Engines, tires and transmissions can begear geometry and layout but also the Drivetrain is amajor sources of noise, and the noisesmicrogeometry of the gear teeth in order and vibrations of the transmissions are ato fully capture the nonlinear dynamics. special focus. Especially for electricAs such, modeling, parameterizationuseful tool thatvehicles, in which conventional enginesand iterations to build a complexare replaced with electric motors,model can take days of effort for an enables us totransmission noise/vibration becomeexperienced engineer.more prominent. Therefore, minimizing the transmission noise and vibration is aAnother important factor for Hyundai model thekey engineering activity. Driving a vehiclewas narrowing down the processes and should be a smooth, quiet and enjoyabletools required to perform the tests it gear train withexperience. Drivers should be able towanted to run. From our experience escape the noise of the hustle and bustleusing similar software tools, we found of big-city distractions in the comfort ofthat one of the most common issues was different levelstheir modes of transportation.the time required to create a complex transmission multibody model, says of fidelityWith the first car coming out of SouthHorim Yang, senior research engineer at Korea in 1975, Hyundai Motor CompanyHyundai Motor Company. It was very depending onhas now been producing cars for over 40time-consuming. Other packages lack years. Selling vehicles all throughout themodules to complete a seamlessworld requires constant emphasis onfull-scale analysis on a transmission. our analysisdesign and engineering to produce theSometimes, we had to use multiple quality Hyundai is known for.software tools together. This was a requirements. Utilizing multiple tools rather cumbersome workflow. We were looking for a software tool, ideally a Typically, simulating transmissionmultibody software, that can be used Horim Yangbehavior has been a tedious and with finite element analysis to Senior Research Engineererror-prone process, requiring multipleinvestigate and solve full vehicle and Hyundai Motor Company simulation tools and long lead times. Aother NVH issues. 18'