b'Automotive | Engineer InnovationThis updated state of the robot is looped back to the Simcenter Prescan environment simulation, which then updates the information captured by the cameras, lidar, etc.Integrating multiple complex Robot frametechnologies Many physical domains had to be combined to propose a reliable, robust and functional product to our customers, says Talon. Right wheel Towards theLeft wheelCo-simulation interface Indeed, the droid is equipped with twowith Simcenter Prescanelectric motors, a rotative 360-degree lidar for simultaneous localization andPID outputmapping, a stereo camera for target identification and obstacle avoidance and ultra-sound sensors for detailed mapping of close obstacles. Everything is manufactured and assembled internally, except the sensors. Right wheelTranslation movementWe use Simcenter Amesim to build models that enable us to select the vehicle architecturefor instance, toBatteryRotational size the electric motoras well asmovementmodels to design and validate robot controls and supervisors of artificial intelligence supporting decision-makingLeft wheelprocesses for droid movements, PID controlTalon says.Co-simulation interface Using system simulation, startups canwith the Simcenter Prescan develop their solutions quickly by testingcompilation testmultiple variants and choosing the option that meets their needs. They can develop first models when little data isthey are in C, Python, MatlabThe worldwide competition is in full available in order to make firstenvironment, etc. In the ROS,swing, mainly in the United States and architectural choices, and then whenTwinswHeel creates nodes (softwareChina. However, in Europe there are only suppliers are selected, its possible tocomponent) that can exchangea few competitors mainly because of the build more complex models, includinginformation like the lidar point cloud.protection offered by patents. This mechanics, electronics and electrics. ItCalculating autonomous displacement ofsituation leaves TwinswHeel with a lot of enables companies to have completethe robots perception, tracking theroom to develop.models for sizing and controls design. master in follow-me mode, localization, path planning and control of theToday, with only a few years of Simcenter Amesim is the optimaltrajectory is carried out in these nodes. experience, the company plans to offer a software for multi-domain modeling,scalable robot. It will be a common says Talon. It allows us to combine theLooking ahead mobile base that can support three different physics of the robot andComponents are constantly beingplatforms: a small version supporting provides robust solutions, enabling us todeveloped for autonomous vehicles: new40 kilograms (kg), a middle-size version move forward rapidly. features and cases requiring more safety.for 120 to 150 kg and a big one for loads The biggest challenge for TwinswHeel isover 300 kg.The decision part of the robot is the mostto efficiently develop products to keep complex system. To integrate theup with the car manufacturers pace. WeTomorrow, if European regulations allow sensors, TwinswHeel uses a robotare strongly inspired by what the caran autonomous vehicle to move around operating system (ROS) that enables it tomanufacturers do; we are on the lookoutwithout an operator, how many people get the sensors drivers and plug them infor everything they publish so that we dowill be ready to trade their shopping with the rest of the software. ROS is anot search in a blocked path but gotrolley for a robot? nnetwork that allows different softwaredirectly to a path that they have defined components to communicate, whetheras the best, says Talon.47'