b"Engineer Innovation | Automotivehypothetical one based on expert knowledge. When a critical situation occurs, the last 30 to 60 seconds of all robot sensors data is saved. This information is then used to create a reusable and configurable Simcenter Prescan software simulation scenario.Having those scenarios reproduced in a simulation environment using Simcenter Amesim and Simcenter Prescan allows us to build a catalogue of critical case scenarios for validation plans or future developments. The main advantage we find is these scenes are reproductible, leading to much easier iterative work, notes Talon.Safety first requirements. But these plans require After entering the mature andmillions of runs that are physicallyTo make decisions based on the competitive industrial market,impossible to do. The inherent softwareenvironment, artificial intelligence (AI) is TwinswHeels objective was to offer aand hardware complexity, the requiredembedded in the TwinswHeel droid new service in urban environments.massive validation and verification cyclesbased on convolutional and deep neural and the growing number and variety ofnetworks (CNN/ DNN) trained with This droid is a great example of a newsensors require manufacturers to rethinkmachine learning. Developing and zero-emission service. In the city oftheir development processes. Simulationvalidating the control and software Toulouse, France, it is used to assisthas become the indisputable innovationstrategies for any situation and Enedis power grid agents who repair theenabler for the development ofenvironment is key for safety-critical electrical network downtown, so they noautonomous vehicles. In this realm, thefunctions and necessitates the use of longer enter the city with a van. On theSimcenter software portfolio providesclosed-loop simulation. A typical other hand, Franprix Supermarkets usessolutions and services to enable multi- example of a critical scenario is when a the robot to help elderly or disableddomain designs exploration, verificationpedestrian suddenly cuts the robot's people carry their groceries. Autonomousand validation for the development oftrajectory. In the scene shown below, the droids are currently being tested inautonomous vehicles at a systems,target pedestrian will cross a dense zone Montpellier, France with La Poste (thesoftware and full-vehicle level.from the exhibition room composed of a national mail service) and STEF (Europeanlot of people and furniture. In this way, it leader in refrigerated transport). We use Simcenter Amesim andwill be possible to test the capability of Simcenter Prescan for model-in-the-loopthe droid to manage the different However, with these new applications,tests to simulate the last developmentsobstacles it will pass. The representation safety becomes the number one priority.and verify the requirements definedof the scene in the visualizer below has Even if there are not yet regulations forupstream are met. It takes less time andthe droid in the green square and the operating these kinds of robots withoutmoney than doing it on a real vehicle,target pedestrian in the red circle. human supervision, experiments areexplains Talon. Depending on the location and the planned for 2020. TwinswHeel is workingdistances for the different obstacles, the closely with the French government toSense-think-act droid will either stop itself, slow down to create these regulations, and in thisThe engineering of an autonomous0.5 meters (m)/per second (s) or context, have been enrolled in pilotvehicle requires developing andcontinue tracking at a regular speed.projects aimed at analyzing thevalidating complex sense-think-act acceptance level. functions. This requires an integratedA Simcenter Prescan point cloud sensor system of systems, with mechanical,model simulates the work of a lidar So currently, TwinswHeels droids areelectrical and software components. Forsensor. The sensors data is sent to the required to meet the same safety levelsan optimized design, these componentsSimulink environment for calculation as an autonomous car.cannot be treated as separate elements,and passed on to the perception part. and software and hardware need to beThe decision is made at the robot level We have a greater sensitivity to safetydeveloped in sync to achieve requiredand then the control part sends the than our competitors, says Talon. Wehardware costs and system performance.instructions. All this is sent to the respect the standards of motor vehiclesSimcenter Amesim software model, because we consider the droid anDuring live experimentations, the droidwhich interprets these instructions (for autonomous vehicle.identifies and encounters manyexample, torque to apply to the two hazardous situations. Information iswheels) and provides the new kinematic The engineering team had to implementcollected so the user can recreate theand mechatronic state of the robot validation plans to check safetysame situation virtually or generate a(droid pose) using its physical models. 46"