b'Automotive | Engineer InnovationWhat kind of analyses do you run with Simcenter Amesim? Ti-Quanh Ngu: For the IDB, we used our Simcenter Amesim hydraulic model of the brake assistance system to find out how changes in the hydraulic circuit and variation of different parameters impact the overall braking systems performances (time-to-lock value, stopping distance). By changing the performances of the electrical motor, as well as hydraulic properties, we can adapt the braking system to the vehicle configuration without running any physical tests. What is exciting about Simcenter Amesim is that every small change in the hydraulic circuit and its components can be captured by the software.[m] 450What do you appreciate the most in400Simcenter Amesim?350 Braking distanceErich Wachter: You can use the sameStart of brakingmodel from the initial concept, to300system and component design, until250vehicle integration; and it can be also200exported into another software. We canAcceleration phase Rolling phase Braking phaseeasily create S-functions to couple our150models with Simulink. Finally, we use100our models to demonstrate to our50customers that our products behave as expected once integrated into the0 01020304050vehicle. Simcenter Amesim enables usTimes [s]to run as many simulations as we need without damaging hardware, keeping our development costs under control.dealing with mathematical formulas:even exceed challenging customer we can rapidly get accurate results byspecifications: for instance, we have How did Simcenter Amesim impactsimply using the validated components,found out a design which reaches your day-to-day work?and evaluate the performance ofcaliper pressure gradient of hundred Ti-Quanh Ngu: Simcenter Amesim hasmultiple IDB configurations underbars within less than 150 completely eliminated the need fordifferent operating conditions. We canmilliseconds. n31'