b'Automotive | Engineer InnovationMassive virtual validation and verification of ADAS and autonomous driving performanceCloud or cluster-based simulation of thousands of scenarios in Simcenter Prescan360 in an orchestrated fashionand vehicle-level system architecture, this solution makes it possible to generate endless numbers of virtual scenarios, combining world models with vehicle models connected through sensor models. For each requirement, test cases are managed, potentially covering hundreds or thousands of scenarios. Using both Simcenter Prescan and HEEDS software, multiple approaches to automatically generating these test cases can be applied. Typically, it is done with script-based modeling functionality. Optionally, Simcenter Amesim software is the environment most commonly used for creating vehicle models capable of exchanging component or system models of different fidelity levels, optimizing accuracy and processing time.executed in a fully virtual of these large numbers of test is Simcenter Prescan representationsmodel-in-the-loop (MiL) manner. Thishandled in HEEDS software.contain the reflective properties formeans the vehicle, environment, physics-based radar, camera, LIDARsensors and controller are put togetherConclusion(light detection and ranging) andas virtual representations, as close toThe introduction of Simcenter ultrasonic sensors. The sensor modelsthe reality as required to generatePrescan360 is a breakthrough on the can therefore also be scaled from basictrustworthy results.challenging road towards mass ground truth information up to fullproduced autonomous vehicles. The wave propagation modeling for detailedIn practice this means the starting pointcombined strengths of Simcenter sensor evaluations. HEEDS is theis the generation of the scenarioPrescan and HEEDS have been the orchestration and execution frameworkvariants. There are multiple possiblefoundation for the launch of a new that automates the generation of thesources for scenarios. There areplatform to confirm complete system test plans and of the verification andscenario databases like the GIDAS andand vehicle performance. Continued validation process. HEEDS orchestratesCIDAS (German and Chinese accidentinvestments will further drive efficiency the simulation of thousands ofdatabases, respectively), many OEMsand coverage metrics, supporting our scenarios efficiently on theand Tier 1s record traffic data andcustomers to introduce safe, reliable computational infrastructures of choicegenerate OpenSCENARIO formatand comfortable self-driving cars. nand manages the connection betweendescriptions out of that data, and there requirements specification and theare software solutions to generate associated simulation assets. scenarios synthetically. Simcenter Prescan has all the common scenario Testing thousands of scenarios is easierinterfaces to support massive said than done. With the Simcentersimulation in cluster environments. The Prescan360, the majority of tests aregeneration, orchestration and execution 35'