b'Engineer Innovation | Consumer Goodsbest possible position to correctly map the sound generated by the instrument.Streamlined test setupBesides built-for-purpose arches, another key factor to the success of the test setup is the ease and portability of Simcenter SCADAS hardware. Testing experts like Sivestri can simply take the 16-channel Simcenter SCADAS data acquisition system out of its carrying case and set it up. This makes it easy to install a test setup offsite in workshops or perform tests on historical instruments in museums.It is important to know the characteristics of a historical instrument understanding the sound patterns andto construct a good replica. This is why real behavior of musical instruments inour work with Simcenter and Siemens is general, and in particular the violinso useful, explains Professor Ravina. It family. We have done some of our ownis easier to move the software and test innovating on the test setup sideinstrumentation than to move a famous as well. violin like Il Cannone.A customized sound array The beginning of the digital journeyOne example is a customized soundBoth Professor Ravina and Montanari array in which the musician isare quick to point out that this is just surrounded by 10 distributedthe beginning of the digital journey for microphones on an arch. This setup isthe ancient profession of violin making. used to create a sound map of theBoth experts are certain the research acoustics created by the instrument inwork will have an impact on both Simcenter Testlab. From there,traditional handcrafted models and Simcenter Testlab software can easilymore mass-produced string create a spherical mapping, givinginstruments. information not only about the sound power of the instrument but alsoYou need to define the characteristics the directivity. of old and famous instruments to make good replicas, Professor Ravina Our low-cost sonic arch system is reallyexplains. Our methodology supports purpose-built, adds Professor Ravina.the construction of the replicaThe idea is to have the violinist in thestep-by-step using experimental and 8'