b'Engineer Innovation | Automotivecomputer-aided simulation (CAE),that are suited for multiple vehicle types, powertrain design and testing, noisefrom passenger to heavy-duty vehicles. vibration and harshness (NVH)The largest semi-anechoic chamber optimization, fatigue testing, tire andenables vehicle manufacturers to wheel testing, passive safetyperform indoor pass-by noise tests in the improvement, electromagneticroom. These tests reproduce the noise compatibility (EMC) and more.level of a car passing by, to verify that the vehicle under test will meet noise World-class equipment for NVHlevel regulations.optimizationICAT hosted the inauguration of new testThe facility also features a room facilities on 29th May 2018. The four newequipped for modal testing and analysis facilities in the test center include anand a set of coupled acoustic rooms advanced NVH laboratory, an EMCthat are used jointly or independently facility, a passive safety lab and a tirefor sound transmission loss and testing lab. absorption coefficient testing. A listening room offers a quiet and Approximately $22 million was investedcomfortable space for assessing sound in the NVH lab, resulting in aquality engineering (for example, jury comprehensive facility for the testingtesting). Advanced source localization and assessment needs of the industry. Ittools, including an acoustic camera, includes several semi-anechoic chamberssignificantly accelerate troubleshooting equipped with dynamometer capabilitiesto save time and money. We are very happy and impressed using Simcenter testing solutions in our NVH center, because they offer the most comprehensive toolset for all NVH testing needs on one integrated platform.Kiranpreet Singh Assistant General Manager, NVHICAT58'