b'Geek Hub | Engineer InnovationLets begin with a story.The Pythagoras Cup is an ingenious As with all good stories, this one is alsodevice and a wonderful demonstration from a long, long time ago, in ancientof the physics principle of siphoning. Greece, where there once lived a greatIts the same principle at work in philosopher. His name was Pythagorasbathroom flushes and while brewing of Samos, the man who gave us thebeer. Like any CFD practitioner with too famous Pythagoras Theorem, and manymuch time on their hands, this story other reasons to love (or hate)gave me an ideawhy not simulate mathematics. this device? Ive always been more excited by simple, physics-based Pythagoras was a learned man, and sosimulations (lid-driven cavity, he had many disciples. Like all goodanyone?). It demonstrates the teachers, he kept his students on theiraccuracy of simulation, while toes. But unlike most teachers of today,also illustrating the effectiveness he wasnt satisfied with just testing hisof numerical modeling. And so, I students on geometry and numberturned to good old Simcenter theory. He had a wicked sense ofSTAR-CCM+ to simulate this. I humor. After a hard day of study andhad seen enough pictures to learning, Pythagoras and his studentsknow what a Pythagorean Cup would gather together and share a fewwas supposed to look like. So, I glasses of wineor so the story goes.created my own design using Pythagoras decided to give themSimcenter STAR-CCM+s in-built CAD special cups designed by him. This cupcapabilities.is the Pythagorean Cup, popularly known today as the Greedy Cup. SoI then ran this simulation on our in-long as his students took a reasonablehouse cluster. The video looked very quantity of wine in those cups, theyconvincing, if I may say so myself. could drink it without any fuss. But hasWith the latest feature in there ever been a student who hasntSimcenter STAR-CCM+ been greedy at the sight of free liquor?v2019.2 called Screenplay, As soon as his students filled their cupsit has become incredibly with more than the usual measure, theeasy to make very attractive entire cup would drain out and theanimations. But this got me students would be left holding emptythinking even furtherI vesselsand as the proverb goes,knew what I expected to see, perhaps making a lot of noise. and I got it. But the proof of 63'