b'Automotive | Engineer Innovationthe aeroacoustic pressure inside andtypically together with our engineers in outside of the vehicle. the control room, says Dr. Blumrich. Our engineers carry out the test, and The test engineers usually begin bythe client can access the data comparing different wind speeds andimmediately on a post-processing yaw angles (angles between flow andcomputer. The customers either follow vehicle) and then proceed with designtheir predefined testing schedule and modifications to the vehicle. They cananalyze the data later, or they easily change different componentimmediately proceed with some vehicle variants and immediately compare theadaptation, like changing the antenna. acoustic impact. The same applies to Its a very close cooperation between the interior parts like sealing systems the client and our engineers.at the front door and sealing aroundthe entire car. Providing testing value to customersWith the new Siemens Simcenter With the Simcenter wind tunnelaeroacoustic wind tunnel system, FKFS solutions, FKFS engineers perform theincreased testing efficiency by roughly a measurements and access augmentedfactor of two to ten, depending on the and higher-quality information thattesting project and its scale. With the enables customers to immediatelynew wind tunnel system in place, our evaluate the real-time results andcustomers can obtain much more interact. This was not possible in a shortinformation and more details per testing time frame with the previous approach,session, even more than they expect, because of the limited performance,explains Dr. Blumrich. The 3D which prevented immediate vehiclerepresentation of the sound field adaptation. The new Siemensaccelerates the collaboration with the technology enables the developmentclient. This brings a great service that teams to make correct decisions duringenables the client to have a better look the wind tunnel testing campaign.into the sound field in the car or on the During a testing session, the client isexterior.27'