b'Engineer Innovation | Plant & ProcessWH8 most economic gathering system WH7 configuration.CSG WATER STORAGE DAM WH6 WH4 Results from pipe diameter optimization simulationsWH5 WH3 Three further optimization simulations (HPVs out of service) were performed by changing the main trunkline size in order WH9to help identify a cost effective pipeline WH1 WH2 diameter. WH10GRAVITYWH16 The comparison in figure 9 of wellhead FLOWWH12 backpressures for various trunkline SECTION WH11 diameters indicates a moderate pressure increase for a smaller trunkline which WH14 may offer a more economical system WH13 configuration. An increase in trunkline WH17 diameter only gains a small reduction in WH15 wellhead pressure. Further economic WH19 analysis of pipeline capital cost versus WELL HEAD pumping energy cost is required to WH18 identify the optimum pipe diameter.Figure 5: Typical downhill water gathering system schematic Figure 6: Hydraulic model of typical downhill water gathering system 52'