b'Engineer Innovation | AutomotiveMassive virtual validation and verification of ADAS and autonomous driving performanceCloud or cluster-based simulation of thousands of scenarios in Simcenter Prescan360 in an orchestrated fashionThe advent of self-driving vehicles has a strong impact on the entire automotive industry. Developing an electric, autonomous, connected vehicle as a demonstrator of technology capabilities is one thing. Turning around an organization with a mature vehicle development process and the accompanying toolchain into a company that can meet the challenges of this revolution in people transport is quite another.A new product development process is required to produce large quantities of these next-generation vehicles. If the ambition is to have millions of people being driven around through urban traffic directed by the control system of the vehicle, the system needs to be created in a stable, traceable and highly reliable product development environment. A paradigm shift in vehicle design is about to take place.Solutions and modules in Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio enable automatioan, design exploration, verification and validation for the development of autonomous vehicles at a system-, software andfull vehicle level to drive a matureprocesses and robustness of theof circumstances. The process should be product development process forvehicles automated driving systemsable to be repeated for different car automated driving. when people are getting injured orevolutions over time, allowing killed by wrong maneuvers fromperformance comparisons for design Challenges in developingautonomously driven vehicles. exploration purposes. autonomous vehiclesThe most critical requirement of theThis implies that automated drivingMassive validation and verification vehicle development process issystems will have to react in a safeframeworkoccupant safety. Shifting decisionmanner to all possible traffic scenariosTo cope with the previously mentioned making responsibility from driver tounder any possible weather and roadchallenges, Siemens Digital Industries carmaker to prevent accidents has aconditions. The technology enablingSoftware is developing the Simcenter major impact on the developmentthis is complex. It requires a validationmassive validation and verification process. Carmakers will have to proveand verification process that allows forframework, called Simcenter the thoroughness of their developmentperformance testing in a large numberPrescan360. Starting from requirements 34'