b'Engineer Innovation | AutomotiveInterview Saving lives with brake assistance systems Spotlight on Mando: designing new electro-hydraulic braking systems with Simcenter AmesimWhat are the current challenges for your company? Erich Wachter: Automated driving and vehicle electrification have drastically changed all automotive systems. Braking systems have been no exception to this trend. Of course, emergency braking systems still need to fulfill their main roleto save lives, - but in the context of automated driving functions, they now require ever-faster pressure buildup. Moreover, unlike internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric vehicles often miss vacuum to actuate the brake booster. To provide braking support in emergency situations, additional components are needed. To address these challenges Mando has developed an innovativeelectro-hydraulic braking systemthe integrated dynamic brake (IDB). Whats different about Mandos IDB? Ti-Quanh Ngu: The key differentiator of our IDB is a greatly reduced braking distance. How do we achieve this? The braking impulse is transferred electronically from the brake pedal via ain case the vehicles electrical/electronicHow did this innovative design sensor to an actuator. This actuatorsystems fail. In contrast to conventionalimpact your development processes? generates the hydraulic brakingelectronic stability program (ESP)Erich Wachter: Obviously, such pressure by means of a powerfulsystems (where the electro-motor onlyinnovative systems in charge of human brushless direct current (DC) motor,functions when the control systemsecurity must be thoroughly tested which moves the hydraulic pistons via amodulates the pressure), in before being released to the market. screw drive. The electronic controlelectro-hydraulic braking systems, theThat increases the costs. To be faster system takes over the driving dynamicselectro-motor is activated for everyand more efficient than our competitors control functions. A mechanicalbraking maneuver and is, as a centralwhile continuing to ensure security, we connection between the brake pedalcomponent, responsible for themaximize the use of simulation, and the hydraulic unit still existsas apressure buildup, and brakingparticularly the use of Simcenter backup to ensure the braking functionperformance.Amesim. 30'