b'Automotive | Engineer InnovationHyundai turned to Siemens Digital Industries Software for a solution, selecting Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain and Simcenter 3D Acoustics software. We had been using different multibody simulation tools for 1D and 3D simulation, but it was difficult to find an adequate software tool with a properly detailed gear dynamic simulation module, Yang continues. The Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain transmission builder can do a good job for the analysis that we require.Eliminating extra stepsWith the Siemens solution, Hyundai engineers now apply the latest simulation techniques to determine the best possible components for their vehicles. The ability to run digital simulations greatly reduces the needfor physical prototypes early on in product development. This, in turn, means a reduction in the overall costof the project.The tool can be used during the initial design stage to examine how the gear train design parameters influence the system-level dynamic behavior in a drivetrain, Yang explains. It can be used to confirm the dynamicentire model is ready to solve in just performance with a detailed gear trainminutes instead of hours or days. noise and vibration analysis in the final design stage.Solving complex engineering issuesAdditionally, transmission models can Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain andthen be seamlessly integrated into Simcenter 3D Acoustics help automateSimcenter 3D Acoustics to perform gear the creation and simulation ofwhine analyses. According to Yang, transmission motion models within aSimcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain is a single, integrated simulationuseful tool that enables us to model the environment. Hyundais goal has been togear train with different levels of fidelity utilize Simcenter tools to greatly reducedepending on our analysis noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) inrequirements.large cars and SUVs. Thanks to our Simcenter Engineering Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain can helpand Consulting services project with reduce transmission simulation effortsSiemens Digital Industries Software, we by 80 percent, and is a verticalhope to establish an efficient workflow application that enables engineers toto apply multibody simulation results to easily define and simulate complexNVH and durability analysis and find the transmission systems based on industryright software tools that fit our standards. Hyundai engineers can simplyrequirements, says Yang.enter basic parameters to define the configuration of a transmission system.It was important for Hyundai to find a From these parameters Simcenter 3Dsolution that gave both the desired automatically creates the full 3Doutput and was easy to use. From this transmission model, including geometry.perspective, the transmission builder Hyundai engineers can then set gearsoftware is well-suited for our contact parameters and operatingengineering purposes, says Yang. It has conditions for the transmission, and thea user-friendly interface. n19'