b"Engineer Innovation | The Digital TwinThe Apollo spacecraft in docked configuration. The Lunar Module, on the left of the picture, was designed to take two men to the moons surface and back before being jettisoned. For the Apollo 13 mission it provided a life raft and engine to bring the astronauts safely back to earth following an explosion in the service module.Image credit: NASAafterward the Electrical, environmental,which was not instantly recognized as and consumables manager (EECOM)an explosion, they also had to rely on controller announces, we've got somethe same telemetry as was being instrumentation funnies, let me addtransmitted back to mission control. In them up.we may have had anthe early stages of the crisis Kranz and instrumentation problem. the crew switch in and out different systems to try and work out what is In the first 15 minutes after theworking and what is broken. explosion, flight director Gene Kranz became wrongly convinced that theAlthough the Apollo era data problems that they were observingcommunications are crude by modern were a symptom of communicationstandards - they do highlight a common problems caused by an antenna glitchproblem with modern digital twins: that they had been trying to resolveacquiring real-time data is one thing but earlier, and which had been a frequentprocessing that data into a form that problem in the previous Apollocan be easily used to make real-time missions. In his autobiography, Kranzdecisions remains a challenge.berates himself for this and wasting critical time in pursuing the wrongEven considering these limitations, scenario, although to any outsider hemission control was able to quickly and seems to be following a calm andaccurately diagnose the problem and rational decision-making process duringevacuate the astronauts into the lunar a rapidly unfolding crisis.module before their oxygen supplies failed. They also made the sensible Kranz says In mission control, you cantdecision that the service module engine see, smell, or touch a crisis exceptwas damaged beyond repair. They were through telemetry and the crews voicealso able to use that data to modify reports. The crew trapped inside thetheir simulators to reflect the condition command module could not see theof the physical asset, another key damage, and other than the loud thud,quality of the digital twin.14"