b'Aerospace & Defense | Engineer InnovationFigure 5: Simcenter also provides Multi-Input-Multi-Output control for Direct Field Acoustic Noise (DFAN) tests.These can be work as stand-alone or clustered to provide measurement system of several hundred channels, and with a safe architecture that provides the safest risk mitigation against any possible data loss. Simcenter software is available to manage multiple acquisition stations centrally so that the systems can be started/stopped simultaneously, and all the data collected in a central repository. At the same time, the software gives lab engineers and customer a live view on critical data processed in frequency (narrow band and/or octave) for an immediate engineering feedback on vibration and acoustic response.The combination of the SimcenterFigure 4: Simcenter Testlab Acoustic Control is the solution for closed loop control in reverberant chambers.SCADAS hardware and the Simcenter Testlab software has been used toWith the addition of solutions for acquire data on hundreds of satellitesreverberant chamber control, direct field over the past decades. This impressiveacoustic testing to the renowned vibe, track record gives the necessarypyro and data acquisition systems, confidence and peace of mind to labSimcenter Testlab has closed the loop on engineers and managers to useproviding all the necessary tools to Simcenter solutions for their most criticalcomplete a full mechanical qualification tests on multi-million-dollar objects. test campaign for all space hardware. n85'