b'Aerospace & Defense | Engineer Innovationaircraft system development process at every level: from the OEM suppliers to the entire aircraft performance analysis in various flight conditions.Test rig development and aircraft testingIrkut Corporation has designed and built an iron bird of the landing gear extension/retraction system to validate the landing gear extension/retraction controls. After the controls strategies are verified and it is clear that expensive hardware will not be damaged, the virtual equipment is replaced with actual equipment for physical testing. The simulator is an efficient tool to optimize and refine the controls and toAir condition system modeling with Simcenter Amesimtest new versions of controls strategies.The LGERS iron bird identifies optimaloptimized at early development stages.We are striving test procedures and conditions andFuture outlook to build a minimizes the risk of equipmentFew companies offer such a damage. Moreover, it is possible tocomprehensive simulation solution, identify the root cause of failure orsays Yuri Logvin, vice director for designcompetitive non-compliance with systemdata management, design department, requirements (for example, a designIrkut Corporation. System developmentaircraft while error or a broken cable) and to debugwith Simcenter Amesim has reduced software (control logics). errors identified through design review Vladimir Oleynikov, deputy head, designand has accelerated the design andSiemens some bench test activities. We can procedures and training department,virtually assess change consequencesDigital Irkut Corporation, says, With the MIL- for any aircraft system parameter SIL-HIL technology, we developed thewithout allocating too much money or simulator in the shortest time possible.personnel as would be required forIndustries The simulator helps automatically testphysical testing. Our objective with this the aircraft control system functioningapproach is to establish a coordinatedSoftware offers in all operating conditions. procedure for simulation results recognition by the certification centers. The control system logic is refined byWe are striving to build a competitivetools to concurrent operation of the hardwareaircraft while Siemens Digital Industries (control object) models and the controlSoftware offers tools to address most ofaddress most algorithms. In this way, design decisionsour challenges. nare improved and control logic isof our challenges.Yuri Logvin, Vice director for Design Data Management Design Department Irkut CorporationMulti-physics model of aircraft bays31'