b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & TransportationIn addition to Simcenter 3D CAE software,Like many OEMs, Karma realizes that Simcenter Testlab software andsimulation cannot replace physical SimcenterTM SCADASTM hardware weretesting entirely, but Karma staff are selected to carry out NVH testing. Theconvinced that it helps them to achieve seamless combination of these toolsbetter NVH performance in less time. A enables coverage of a wide range ofproper combination of test and testing capabilities such as experimentalsimulation allows engineers to modal analysis, operational datadetermine whether a simulation model collection and sound quality assessment.represents the reality as closely as Besides fast and accurate data acquisitionpossible. But it also yields more detailed and test results, Simcenter Testlabinsights, such as how to include software also provides a lot ofdamping in the model, or how to deal engineering know-how and userwith so-called hybrid approaches. guidance. Karma especially appreciated how the softwares intelligent dataSimcenter Engineering and Consulting viewing capabilities and displays allowedservicesthe company to look at the same dataThe project involved development of from multiple angles. We have a hugeprocess as much as product. For this number of functionalities we have to goreason, both Simcenter Software and through for the same dataset, and all ofSimcenter Engineering and Consulting these are available at the click of a mouseservices proved to be a perfect fit. in Simcenter Testlab, Knittel confirms. Simcenter personnel were on site throughout most of the development, Testing is not only important during theassisting with the benchmarking and benchmarking, target setting andtarget setting of the project, and with prototype performance validation phase;the analyses and validation of the targets it also plays a crucial role in leveragingthrough CAE and test. It was the simulation to its fullest potential.specialized services that enabled Karma Especially in cases like Karmas, whereto use math and science, as opposed to certain components are still undertrial and error, to get it right with a development and being explored inminimum number of iterations, Kruse Simcenter 3D, and other parts alreadyexplains.exist as prototypes, test-based validation through FRFs and modes in SimcenterIn addition to the technology and Testlab is of paramount importance tosoftware, Karma appreciated the in-the success of the larger vehicledepth knowledge of Simcenter development process, in terms of bothconsultants. They also supplied the speed and accuracy. know-how and expertise to allow Karma 64'