b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer Innovationplatform. Management must evaluate the cost, expected integration and learning curve. To streamline and build upon the existing know-how and positive experience is a crucial factor in the decision-making process.We evaluated and owned many other systems for data acquisition and simulation tools, says Riehle. Over time, it became apparent that it is much more efficient for us to operate under one setup of solution of software and data acquisition tools, such as Simcenter offers. It provided us a lot of benefits. Simcenter helped us gain operating efficiency and closer alliances with customers.This approach allows Roush to benefit from easier consolidations, trainings and data transfer. Troy Bouman, NVH Project Manager Engineer, Roush, says, One of Simcenter helped us gain the great benefits of Simcenter Testlab is the ability to leverage it across different teams. In our NVH group, where we haveoperating efficiency and closer extensive experience, the durability team can easily approach us with questions,alliances with customers.problems or new ways to process data. When we try to acquire data from hundreds of channels, they have a lot ofPaul Riehle knowledge in that room. We canVice president of CAE, NVH, Durability, and Additive Manufacturing leverage that knowledge base across theRoushdifferent teams to execute and bring new value to the customer.ease of setup, data quality check and The utilization of unified testingprocessing speed. With Simcenter Testlab platforms enables easy hardwareNeo, both teams can efficiently cover the exchange. Bouman explains, Forincreasing demand for high channel-example, if the durability colleaguescount testing.need more channels, I can let them borrow our Simcenter SCADAS front-endWhen a test engineer needs to check and hardware, or the other way around.analyze hundreds of different channels, the ability to check the data with time Software benefits for all teams domain in Simcenter Testlab Neo is a Bouman values the extensivesignificant advantage, says Bouman.functionality span of the software as it can be used for standard as well asFuture outline of durability testing at complex new tests. As an advancedRoushuser, I can read the technicalRoush has a clear vision for their future documentation and understand exactlyplans. They intend to create a testing what the software is doing, saysenvironment that leverages simulation Bouman. But in the same software I canto acquire road load data without going write a pre-written simplified standardto the proving ground.test the technician can follow. To have one software that can tackle both simpleOne of our primary goals is to support standard tests and complex tests is veryhardware-in-the-loop testing, says valuable. Roesser. The idea is to take a scan of the proving ground and plug it into the Other benefits of the software that bothrig and collect those real-world teams appreciate is its user-friendliness,responses. n45'