b'Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment | Engineer Innovationper hour. It is also versatile and easy toTo meet the demanding requirements of operate and transport as it doesntthe construction industry, Hilti provides require a compressor and is thereforeAVR functionality, which allows easier to convey than any air tool. Theoperators to be less exposed to vibration, demolition hammer features activethus increasing permissible daily use of vibration reduction (AVR), which makesthe tool. For example, a large hammer the tool less tiring to use, increasing andrill without any anti-vibration measures operators daily productivity. has a vibration level between 20 and 30 meters per second squared (m/s). This Lengthy exposure to hand-arm vibrationsmeans workers can use them for no can result in the hand-arm vibrationlonger than 30 minutes per day. The syndrome (HAVS). The use of handhelddevelopment of efficient vibration power tools can cause damage to bloodreduction technologies combined with vessels, nerves in the fingers, bones andextensive testing allows the user to muscles. Susceptibility to this syndromereduce this level to below 10 m/s, thus is influenced both by the duration ofincreasing permitted use time to two exposure and the magnitude of thehours per day, a 300 percent increase. vibrations transmitted to the operator.Testing the demolition hammerTo preserve the health of operators,The certification is not the only test the tools need to be certified according toTE 3000-AVR is subjected to. Prior to the relevant international standards. Hilticertification process, like other Hilti relies on the human body vibrationproducts the TE 3000 undergoes a series filter add-in in Simcenter Testlabof comprehensive tests. These tests help software, a powerful certification toolshorten the product development cycle for analyzing vibrations transmitted toand answer market demand for longer the human body according toproduct lifetime, enhanced reliability, internationally recognized standards.high performance and low weight.The application gives real-time feedback and clearly indicates limitAt the Hilti Competence Center for values and/or violations as specified inHealth & Safety Technologies in the International Organization forKaufering, Germany, group manager Lars Standardization (ISO) 2631, ISO 5349Melzer and his team are tasked with and the European Normalization (EN)challenging the performance of newly 60745 standards. developed tools. 75'