b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer Innovationto continue the process and analysis by themselves, says Knittel. They are the ones who not only facilitated seamless operation of the software involved, but also of interaction between the program managers and the technicians. They supplied the expertise we need, so that we can continue the processes and analyses ourselves in the future.Expert knowledge, collaboration and technology transfer are the differentiating pillars upon which Simcenter engineering services were built and operate today. All three are vital in comprehensive vehicle development processes like Karmas.The added perk of PolarionDealing with many software capabilities By using the Siemens across multiple attributes, divisions and teams requires a powerful data trackingconsulting services and and management tool. Polarion ALM software, another solution in thesoftware tools, we were able to extensive Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio, addresses the challenge. Polarion is one tracking toolget it right with a minimum to cascade targets down from vehicle level all the way to component level,amount of iterations.then goes back up to validate the car at each of the intermediate and full-vehicle levels, says Garren Salibian, the lead ofBob Kruse vehicle integration at Karma. It has a lotChief Technical Officer more depth to it than a regularKarma Automotivespreadsheet that ticks boxes. You can dive in on each level and get access to all the required data and analytics. Polarionand acoustically enjoyable way. These enables you to have full control overfeatures are considered to be among the your entire application lifecycle, withoutmost important success parameters of losing any of the agility that is oftenthe 21st century.required within separate teams. As part of the larger Siemens software family,Using the Simcenter tools and services Polarion works seamlessly with thefor more than four years, Karma went Simcenter software that was used forbeyond NVH optimization to optimize its NVH optimization and multi-attributeoverall development process. Combining balancing campaign by Karma. both test and simulation in one platform uniquely enables collaboration among Going above and beyond teams and divisions with streamlined By using the Siemens consultingdata exchange.services and software tools, we were able to get it right with a minimumNow that we have a process in place at amount of iterations, Kruse says. FromKarma, and weve successfully put our a technical point of view the targetsproject on the market by utilizing this werent only met, but beaten.process, were excited to take on the next challenge, Keipper concludes. Soon, It may be bold but perhaps fair to sayhopefully, a whole host of electric that Karma has succeeded where Fiskerproducts and vehicles will fill the failed: on the hard business side ofdealership. nthings. With the Karma Revero, superior design not only meets economics, but does so in an environmentally friendly 65'