b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer InnovationRabindra Mukhopadhyay, director and We are confident that our We stand at a crossroads today, says Dr. chief executive, HASETRI. Resources onexisting and future expansion earth are limited and we need to re-invent mobility and develop more sustainable means of transportation,plans would be well supported without which our existence is threatened. With our advanced researchby Siemens.on tire technology, we strive to contribute to a better, more sustainable world and economy.Dr. Prasenjit GhoshPrincipal Scientist Electrified vehicles require differentHASETRItire characteristics HASETRI also assesses the acousticpercent, which boosts instant torque properties of tire materials and designs.generations in these vehicles and This is crucial as government andincreases the demand on the tires.regulatory institutions continue to impose stricter limitations on a vehiclesTo design tires with high noise levels at acceptable noise levels, making the tireslow vehicle speeds and low noise levels noise performance critical. Tire noise, orat high vehicle speeds, the HASETRI lab the sound produced by the friction offeatures extensive noise and vibration tires on the road surface, is oneassessment and testing capabilities. contributor to a vehicles noise level.Lingineni Madhav is a test engineer in Unlike internal combustion engine (ICE)HASETRIs Tire Mechanics Group, which cars, where the engine masks roaddeals with noise, vibration, harshness, noise, the road noise from electric cars(NVH) and handling properties of tires becomes more apparent since electricand related products. As a test engineer, cars, of course, do not feature a loudMadhav ensures the smooth operation combustion engine. In addition, theof different tests as per various national battery in hybrid and electrical vehiclesand international standards. He also increases vehicle weight by 10 to 20develops new test methods to further 23'