b'Engineer Innovation | Aerospace & DefenseFigure 2: Simcenter SCADAS and Testlab provide easy and clear high- Figure 3: Simcenter solutions for vibration testing (sine, random and channel count setup. shock) for full satellite or space hardware components.delicate job of qualifying the satellite tospeakers achieve the desired acoustic acoustic loading. Added features in thelevels. At the same time, Simcenter software, such as the definition of theTestlab provides Multi-Input-Multi-reference profile in an excel-editableOutput (MIMO) control schemes that table format, a check-box to select whichensure the necessary sound field microphone should will be included inuniformity around the test object. This the loop for measurement or setting anytechnique, referred to as Direct Field abort parameters on both acoustic orAcoustic Noise (DFAN) currently has the vibration channels, give a peace of mindattention of the space industry, to the users. The control system can alsoespecially where reverberant facilities are work using multiple drives (multi-output)not available in-house and/or when the by simply setting the bandwidth (pass- transportation of the test item is band) of each drive so that eachrequired. amplifier-modulator can be fed with an optimized drive with the desired crestData Acquisitionfactor value. The control system hasIf on the one hand there is a critical been conceived to give full flexibilityelement in a vibration or acoustic test in starting from a previous drive, forcontrolling the input level to the example, from a lower level test usingexciterbe it a shaker, an acoustic the automatic control to adjust the drivesmodulator or a loudspeaker, the very for each octave being controlled; or byscope of a mechanical qualification test allowing the operator to run tests in fullis to acquire and analyze the vibration manual mode with a graphical equalizerresponse on the test item. In other to adjust the drive as desired. Once thewords, the signals from hundreds of test is overas defined by the automaticsensors (accelerometers, strain gauges, or manual timer settingsthe data inforce sensors) attached to the satellite time and frequency (both narrow andneed to be measured, recorded, octave bands) are ready and available toprocessed and stored. This is where make the necessary engineering calls toSiemens can provide the added value. continue testing. Having equipped some of the biggest vibration test facilities in five continents, In addition, over the past two decades orSiemens has collected a wealth of so, engineers and scientists have beenexperience in hardware and software exploring alternative test means to theseconfiguration to provide the most otherwise costly, albeit proven, acousticflexible and robust lab layout facilities. The use of commerciallymanagement. The acquisition cards to available loudspeakers has since thenmeasure charge, IEPE/ICP, strain, and been regarded as a feasible alternative.pressure sensors can be optimally Todays audio equipment, amps anddistributed over several acquisition units. 84'