b'Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment | Engineer Innovationused to acquire data that generatesand ODS analysis. Once the fixture is representative shaker profiles. Thevalidated, the physical component test is selected parameters for the load casesexecuted. The test item and its fixture consist of a combination of tool, user,are placed on the shaker and workpiece, insert (such as drill bit) andinstrumented. The testing team feeds feed force.the defined test signal to the shaker, determines the frequency limit for the Perfect fixture design test and adapts the signals if required. Adequately stiff shaker fixtures are essential for high-quality tests, addsOne of the main benefits of performing Susann Nnnig, development engineer.shaker component tests is that other For excellent fixture design, Hilti reliesconditions can be assessed on tools from the Siemens Digitalsimultaneously with the vibration tests. Industries Software portfolio, includingFor example, a dust chamber can be the computer-aided design (CAD)placed on top of the shaker to module in NX software as well assimultaneously test sensitivity to numerical analysis and physical testingconcrete dust. Other test types may tools from the Simcenter portfolio. combine vibration with electrical load, climate, etc. Thanks to its well-defined The process starts with designing theprocedures, Hilti engineering can fixture using NX CAD. From there,ultimately save testing time while performing a numerical modal analysisensuring objects meet the requirements using Simcenter 3D is only a step away.for superior quality and durability. The The fixture design is iterative and donetests provide accurate results, delivering in active collaboration between thehigh-performance for a long lifetime in a design and simulation teams. Thetough environment while safeguarding software suite available in the Siemensoperators and users.portfolio supports effective communication between the differentMelzer concludes: Simcenter is teams. The iterative process ensures thenecessary at every stage of component fixture meets all set requirements priortesting, especially during preparation to to manufacturing. ensure high test quality. We work closely with Simcenter Engineering and Once the fixture is manufactured, theConsulting services to ensure best-team performs the required physicalpractice workflows. Simcenter definitely tests and analyses to validate its design;makes our business more efficient. nnamely, experimental modal analysis 77'