b'Engineer Innovation | Aerospace & DefenseIntroducing system simulation for aircraft system developmentIrkut Corporation uses Simcenter system simulation solutions todevelop and integrate MC-21 airliner systems Few companiesIn 2010, Irkut Corporation deployedthe aircraft, to study how external SimcenterTM AmesimTM software fromfactors affected system performance, Siemens Digital Industries Software forand adjust each individual system offer such aMC-21 aircraft systems simulation. Theoperation. The systems had to be concept design stage was nearoptimized as well.comprehensivecompletion upon introducing SimcenterAt the test bench, ground and flight test Amesim, but there were neither test benches nor a prototype. It is commonphases, the key objectives were to simulationpractice to solve the challenges ofidentify the best physical test integrating complex aircraft onboardconditions, develop the test procedures solution. systems at the detailed engineeringand minimize the risk of equipment phase while the fine-tuning andfailure during the tests.Yuri Logvincalibration are performed at the bench Vice director for Design Dataand flight test phases. Irkut Corporations management team Managementdecided to deploy Simcenter Amesim to Design DepartmentFor the MC-21 airliner project, theaddress system integration challenges Irkut Corporation designers had to define the systemsat the physical component interactions architecture and their key performancelevel using proven design tools based indicators, make design decisions basedon the system energy distribution on analyses and study the physicalapproach (system power balance.) A phenomena occurring in the systemsmajor benefit of Simcenter Amesim is it (hydraulic, fluid dynamics, thermal,supports most aircraft system design mechanical, electrical, etc.). It was alsoprocedures used by the company as required to analyze the systemswell as its capabilities based on best integration prior to installing them onglobal engineering practices. Irkut Corporation: irkut.com28'