b'Aerospace & Defense | Engineer InnovationIntroducing system simulation for aircraft system developmentIrkut Corporation uses Simcenter system simulation solutions todevelop and integrate MC-21 airliner systems Irkut Corporation: irkut.comWith the multiphysics system simulationthe hydraulic system (HS), theobtained the results that perfectly models of the aircraft systems andintegrated environment control systemmatched the data later provided by the components, engineers from Irkut(IECS), the anti-icing system (AIS) andsupplier.Corporations engineering centerthe power supply system (PSS).analyzed the aircraft systemsYet another problem Simcenter Amesim interactions at the physical levelThe aforementioned system modelssolved was thermal analysis of the (thermal, hydraulic, fluid dynamics,were verified and validated as benchengine pylon. The MC-21 engine pylon electrical, mechanical, controls, etc.), attest data became available. Yevgenycarries a lot of hydraulic components the pre-design phase and at theDanilov, senior design engineer fromclose to the engine. The lower part of beginning of the detailed engineeringthe fuel systems department at Irkutthe pylon is exposed to the hot jet stages. Corporation, explains, Systemexhaust while its exterior is cooled with simulation provides a clear picture ofthe compressor air. The engineers have Simcenter Amesim enables easythe fuel systems performance undersuccessfully used Simcenter Amesim to system modeling with both standarddifferent flight conditions taking intoanalyze temperature distribution inside library components and customizedaccount the aircrafts altitude and the pylon.user-defined ones, then the systemsload factors. The simulation results, behavior can be analyzed, says Sergeyvalidated with physical tests, haveSimcenter Amesim keeps improving in Gusarkin, design engineer, engineeringhelped improve performance, reduceterms of usability, says Marina Grishina, analysis department, Irkut Corporation.weight and the number of purchasedengineer, engineering analysis The standard validated Simcentersystem components. department, Irkut Corporation. Amesim libraries are regularly updated.Siemens Digital Industries Software They help our engineers develop theAs we mastered more and moreprovides excellent technical support. It aircraft systems without wasting timeengineering disciplines, the corporationis very easy to get all the information on creating component libraries.established an engineering analysiswe need. We learn more through the Compared to the legacy solution,department to develop a number oftraining seminars conducted by the Simcenter Amesim has acceleratedaircraft systems, says Anton Poplavsky,Siemens Digital Industries Software complex model creation several fold.deputy head, engineering analysisexperts who teach us the best system department, Irkut Corporation. Thesimulation practices.Engineering aircraft systems usingdepartment operates in many system simulation modelsdisciplines. For example, the high liftSystem integrationSystem simulation models have beendevices department needed to analyzeAnalyzing the integrated systems used to design such systems as thepossible wing spar damage. Using theperformance is a key aircraft design landing gear extension/retraction2D mechanical library in Simcenterchallenge. Irkut Corporation has used system (LGERS), the fuel system (FS),Amesim, we studied the issue andSimcenter Amesim to integrate the 29'