b'Engineer Innovation | Aerospace & Defenseanalyze system thermal performance in transient modes as well. Now there is a way to better identify any thermal load imbalance with an integrated aircraft Case of fueling thermal model.Case of negativeg force Another issue is managing distributed aircraft system development by numerous engineers from the engineering center. Simcenter Sysdm software from Siemens Digital Industries Software is used to store and share the models. It has become an Symmetrical tanks for negative g maneuvers integrated tool-agnostic platform that stores simulation models, tracks their following systems: HS and LGERS; HSThe results have confirmed thatversions, and manages access rights. and the integrated flight control systemimplementing Simcenter Amesim as aWith this platform, it is possible to (IFCS); HS and PSS; FS, power plant andsystem simulation tool for aircraftcreate complex simulation models of IECS; LGERS, HS and the aircraft controldesign was the correct decision. many systems and to refine the system. A special task was the controlsdistributed product development and calibration for the aircraft controlDeveloping a virtual integratedrequirements verification with system. aircraftsubcontractors as well as the system The virtual integrated aircraft approachdevelopment departments at Irkut The MC-21 system/equipmentis aimed at integrated analysis andCorporation.integration included the aircraft systemaircraft system optimization in flight. performance and interaction analysis inSimcenter Amesim can simulate theThe company uses Simcenter System emergency conditions, estimation ofentire flight cycle: pre-departureSynthesis software for virtual system external factor effects on systemoperations, flight, and landing whileintegration. The solution helps create operability and performance in theanalyzing the aircraft systeman integrated aircraft model from the entire envelope, and systeminteraction. Various environmentalsubsystem models developed by various performance analysis for failures andconditions and flight plans can beengineering center departments, accidents. A lot of work had been doneapplied. Another important task isspecifying operating conditions and to develop the system test procedures,integrated aircraft thermal balanceanalyzing the results.as well as comparative parametricanalysis. Conventionally, the thermal studies (analysis of design variants). analysis department at IrkutYegor Mozhenkov, design engineer, Corporation is responsible for theengineering analysis department, Irkut Mikhail Pylnev, head, engineering analysisthermal performance of the aircraftCorporation, says, System integration department, Irkut Corporation, says,systems and serves other corporatewith Simcenter System Synthesis has Simcenter Amesim supports co- divisions. Such analysis is done on anchanged the entire process, model simulations when some connectedad-hoc basis for typical systemstorage requirements, database views subsystems are represented withoperating conditions. It does notfor subsequent integration and other simulation models created in third-partyprovide the entire aircraft thermalsystem development activities. We had software. For instance, we haveprofile for the entire flight. Withto create a customized approach to use integrated a Simcenter Amesim aircraftdynamic models it is now possible tothis technology. It results in a concise hydraulic system model with the integrated flight control system model developed with MATLAB/Simulink. The integration process has enabled us to identify and analyze a lot of complicated effects and to make feasible design decisions for system operation and interaction. Virtual testing using simulation models has reduced the number of bench tests. For example, for the fuel system we have managed to remove 25 percent of the tests. In this way, system development for a new MC-21 configuration has been accelerated. Moreover, simulation with Simcenter Amesim is an efficient tool to monitor and manage the subcontractors. Virtual integrated aircraft30'