b'Engineer Innovation | Plant & ProcessHager Group Simcenter FLOEFD: The Swiss army knife for the trunking system design teamBy Stefan Spies (head of tool development), Bernd Trapp (tool design engineer), Thomas Szab (product manager) TheThe complex trunking structures are madestandards. The location in Heltersberg of plastic materials, such as PVC, andemploys 740 employees and was founded produced in a continuous manufacturingin 1957. requirementsprocess on modern extrusion lines. In addition to the detailed adjustment of theTrunking systems bring electricity and on our tools inindividual system components, a multipledata efficiently to varied locations within strand extrusion tool is a core element oforganizations resulting in the requirement these complex systems. The multiplefor trunking solutions to be highly flexible terms ofstrand design ensures efficient, highto serve production, laboratories, practices output quantity. Modern designand office spaces (Figure 2). quality, outputtechnologies, product complexity, materialHager Group and Siemens have been and color variations have lead the need to an increase in the number of special toolsworking together since the 1960s and capacity andthat are developed and put into operationtoday, Hagers varied product portfolio every year.includes a wide range of systems from cycle times areThe Hager Group, is a family ownedsecurity systems to smart home devices and charging stations for electic vehicles. leading supplier of solutions and services continuouslyfor electrical installations in residential,Unlimited material, color and size commercial and industrial buildings,variationsincreasing. employs around 11,500 employees. TheOne of the strengths of the Hager Groups sub-division Tehalit GmbH based intrunking division is their ability to Stefan Spies,Heltersberg, Germany, has been a part ofmanufacture and supply extrusion lines head of tool development the Hager Group since 1996 and is theusing a very high proportion of in-house creator and European market leader formanufacturing and development. Even trunking systems with high flexibility forthough the external appearance of site and installation conditions, whiletrunking systems has changed only maintaining high safety and reliabilityslightly in recent years, the geometric and 18'