b"Interview | Engineer Innovationand approaching problems, and their engineers know that. They have the expertise to support us at our stress points with the solutions and software we need to achieve engineering excellence.How is Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions helping you?Paul Rivera: Coming from a strong engineering background I know the importance of advanced software in the design of new vehicles and their components. We were very fortunate to have Siemens support in the early development of our unique new single-seat SOLO and well continue to work with Siemens on future versions of the SOLO and other ElectraMeccanica vehicles for our growing global customer base.Bruce Gordon: Our process relies on experts in various fields so we have to coordinate and share information effectively among the extended team. We have standardized on NX and look to Teamcenter to help us with some of the connectivity as well as accessibility of information challenges as well. We also use Simcenter finite element analysis (FEA) for stress, strain analysis as well as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for fluid and thermal simulation as well asunderstood the potential pitfalls that conduct crash studies. These types ofcould happen with early release of a software were new to us before weproduct and identified areas for started working with Maya HTT andimprovement. Bruce and I have been Siemens Digital Industries Software.going through the lists with our These tools have allowed us to achieveengineering team and meeting engineering excellence. With Simcenterdeliverables. we now have a direct parametric link back to CAD data in one GUI, whichOur engineers are inspired forward-makes it easy for us to analyze a design,thinkers. By working with make changes, go back to iterate on itcomprehensive, ready-to-use software, and update the results. Its simply athey can unleash the potential of their much more streamlined andengineering, not just to come up with collaborative process.ideas, but to find the best ways to bring those ideas to life. With Maya HTT and The first generation car required aboutSiemens, were moving faster to market 18 months to go from a blank piece ofwith less error to deliver better value to paper to a driving prototype. Our latestSOLO drivers. model took eight months to go from concept generation to start productionThe improvements made to the latestthis includes going from designmodel will make a significant difference through to manufacturing andto the user experience. We're production. We had already done a greatcomfortable and excited that we will be deal of work to get from generation I todelivering a design like that we generation II so the groundwork wascommitted to Paul and getting the already in place for generation III. Henryquality product that he wants on the Reisner: Paul Rivera, our CEO, joined usground in Los Angeles for distribution at the end of August 2019. Hethis summer. n27"