b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & TransportationKarma Automotive resurrects iconic electric vehicle using Siemens solutionsSimcenter services, simulation and testing solutions help Karma Automotive go above and beyond NVH optimizationThe emergence of EV sports cars distinct market segment that had The time when electric cars werepreviously been excluded to the game of considered part of some distant, exoticelectrification: customers who preferred future (due to our limited technologicala luxury, sporty design. capacity or the perceived dominance of oil) is long gone. A little more than twoIn the meantime, many OEMs have decades ago, the iconic Toyota Priusadded at least one high-end, luxury seriously changed the game. Today,hybrid or electric car to their fleetsmore than 12 million hybrid or electricexamples include the Honda NSX, Lexus cars have been sold worldwide and theLC500h, BMW i8, Jaguar I-Pace and numbers keep climbing: not only isPorsche Panamera.electrification now considered one of the biggest revolutions of the automotiveMany startups are trying their luck in this industry, humanity has begun tosegment (Tesla also started small). While conceive a future without gasoline andmany companies failed or were acquired combustion altogether. along the way, some emerged as new, respectable e-brands, ready to put their Electric or hybrid cars arent taking overprototypes nose-to-nose with the the roads just yet for a number ofestablishment.reasons, including their elevated price tags and still limited autonomy. InKarma Automotive - the story of a addition, while many consider that thephoenix real beauty resides on the inside, a keyOne of these startups is Karma differentiator for people who choose aAutomotive, a California-based new car remains its appearance. Teslacarmaker that rose from the ashes (or was the first to understand this whenrather assets) of Fisker Automotive in releasing its Model S onto the market in2014. In the resurrection process, Karma 2012. With it, Tesla managed to reach amanaged to preserve the good and 62'