b'Engineer Innovation | BABreorwosnpiacne motionBrownian Motion.The random musings of a Fluid DynamicistCoughs and Sneezes Spread DiseasesEveryone sneezes, and as a hay fever sufferer, I sneeze moretimes per day (although in peak hay fever season I reckon easily than most, especially at this time of year. At the best of times,I sneeze more than 40 times a day - that\'s a more reboot time coughing and sneezing in a social situation is awkward, butthan when trying to run CFD simulations on a temperamental as the whole world is gripped in a COVID-19 pandemic, everyWindows 95 computer). This study is somewhat validated cough, every sneeze, is seen as a potential transmission of theby Peter Fletcher counted every sneeze for 3947 days on his virus. riveting Sneeze Count Blog, racking up 5126 sneezes, about 1.3 a day, before the blog mysteriously stopped in May 2018. His Coughing and sneezing are a biological mechanism for clearingconclusion from this mammoth scientific experiment? Sneezes foreign particles, including, microbes, mucus, and bacteria fromonly occur when you are awake, and that he sneezed more the respiratory pathways of the body. Both involve high-pressurefrequently in the morning than in the afternoon.expulsions from the lungs. Unlike coughing - which is usually a conscious act, sneezing is a semi-autonomous convulsion, overDo you ever feel the need to sneeze when you enter a sunny which one has much less control. In both cases, viruses haveroom? If so, you\'re not alone; 18 to 35% of the population suffers evolved to hijack that mechanism to propel themselves overfrom "reflexive sneezing induced by sunlight," a condition that surprisingly large distances.has the (best ever) acronym of ACHOOS (autosomal dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outbursts of sneezing). As a long-A 2012 paper in the Federation of American Societies forterm sufferer of ACHOOS, and as a fluid dynamics geek, I had Experimental Biology described sneezing as a "natural rebootlong ago contrived my own pet theory about buoyancy induced mechanism for your body," which is analogous to the famousupdrafts carrying particles of pollen and dust up my nostrils. Microsoft Windows "blue screen of death."However, that isn\'t a theory that has any scientific support.A 2002 study, which asked participants to record every sneezeBut of course, both coughing and sneezing involve multiphase in a diary, calculated that 95% of people sneeze less than fourfluid dynamics. The 2012 "reboot" paper described sneezing 90'