b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer Innovationlot of hardware for data acquisition, which really allows us to streamline our processes and provide turnkey solutions for our customers. Advanced durability testing facilityRoush recognizes the shifting requirements for durability testing as automotive manufacturers continue to lighten vehicle weight to achieve better energy efficiency while searching for durable materials to increase vehicle life expectancy. And at the same time, the electrification trend results in heavier cars due to battery weight.This is changing traditional designs by adding new stresses to the chassis and suspensions, says Gerald Roesser,earlier in the development cycle, says Manager, Advanced Durability Lab,Roesser. In fact, no running vehicle is Roush. Same as the autonomousneeded. We can test either the full vehicles, these are expected to takevehicle prototype or prototype chassis or much higher duty cycles. There will besuspension on a running vehicle. We different durability challenges. In acollect those road loads, play them out rapidly evolving market, the demand foron the rig and match that data.accelerated durability testing is increasing.All testing rigs at Roush, including the new Model 329 road simulator from the To help their customers, Roush deployedMTS corporation, work in conjunction different durability testing systems towith Simcenter SCADAS hardware and provide testing services on differentSimcenter Testlab with Simcenter Testlab levels: full vehicle, or component level,Neo software. This testing platform in all different development phases fromprovides complete end-to-end durability prototype testing, production andtesting capabilities, from data acquisition validation.to a detailed load data analysis. Simcenter Testlab Neo compiles One of the critical advantages of this labadvanced capabilities to gain valuable is that we are able to test the full vehicleand precise insights to optimize the on the proving ground condition muchdurability performance of the next 43'