b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer InnovationHASETRIs NVH section has ten highlytheir delivered testing projects. We are skilled engineers who are involved inable to educate our customers through carrying out advanced NVH testing andtraining by experts from Siemens, says research. In 2014, HASETRI partneredDr. Mukhopadhyay. As a result ofwith Siemens to establish an anechoiccontinuous interaction, we are able to chamber with the latest technology,improve the quality, reliability and including the chassis dyno in the veryrepeatability of our testing, the early stages. HASETRI operates a cutting- interpretation of results and the testing edge testing facility suitable for basictimes. ntesting to advanced engineering projects that require a high-channel count and Another benefit Simcenter special hardware (for example, multi-reference transfer path analysis (TPA) and road noise). The Simcenter Testlabtesting solutions provide is the and Simcenter SCADAS hardware onsite is scalable and easily used for both theability to rapidly access lab and mobile environments. HASERTI plans to use Siemens solutions for future projects. different areas and domains We are confident that our existing andduring the testing process.future expansion plans would be well supported by Siemens, says Dr. PrasenjitLingineni Madhav Ghosh, Principal Scientist, HASETRI. Test Engineer Increased testing efficiency Tire Mechanics Group Besides using versatile testing solutionsHASETRIto provide customers with a wide range of possible NVH tests, HASETRI focuses on regular training of their engineers and customers to improve the quality of25'