b'Aerospace & Defense | Engineer Innovationtime-domain control solution that can use a previously measured pulse as reference waveform, a classical waveform such as a half sine pulse, or the result of a synthesis for control. Simcenter Testlab Shock Control offers a unique Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) limiting algorithm for test specimen protection and online SRS calculation with a wide range of post-test data analysis capabilities. All closed-loop solutions have set trends in the industry for safety features. Since the first systems, installed over 20 years ago, when a smooth ramp-down of the voltage was used to reduce jolts in the amp-shaker system. Parameters have been added to the software to create the most flexible and safest vibration control system.PyroshockA pyroshock is a very violent event characterized by its short duration (a few milliseconds) and a high magnitude with extreme acceleration levels. In the space industry, pyrotechnic devices such as explosive bolts are routinely used, for instance, in the release mechanisms employed for stage separation or payload release. The resulting pyroshock event may cause damage to the payloads electronics and may distort mechanical parts, such as bearings, gears and worm wheels. Because of the criticality of this type of tests, its extremely short duration (milliseconds), and the high-frequencyFigure 1: Instrumentation of satellite for vibration test: The Data Acquisition solution of content (at least to 10kHz), theSimcenter Testlab and SCADAS is engineered to acquire and process online data coming from acquisition system must be reliablehundreds of different sensors during vibe, pyro and acoustic tests.enough not to miss the event. It must sample high enough frequencieshistorically carried out in dedicated (200kHz is best practice) and it mustfacilities called Reverberant Chambers. A process data very quickly to providedigital controller in these chambers is engineers all relevant information. Shockneeded to ensure that the acoustic level Response Spectrum must be available atand the spectrum reach desired levels all instances to enable engineers towithin the required tolerances. The perform the relevant engineeringdedicated solution, the Simcenter Testlab analysis.This type of data measurementAcoustic Control, has been added to the and analysis can be done with theenvironmental products family to supply Simcenter Testlab data analysis softwarea state-of-the art control system ready and the Simcenter SCADAS acquisitionfor critical tests. The Simcenter Testlab system. software offers flexibility together with extra safety options for engineers Acoustic Testing working in space labs. It has been For satellites and components, thedesigned and developed to consider all vibro-acoustic test is a milestone for thethe necessary features for providing lab qualification campaign. In the spaceengineers and technicians with a industry, these tests have beencomfortable system to carry out the 83'