b'Engineer Innovation | Marinethe boat on the water. We designedstructural and mechanical features, and from scratch but we could draw on allfor the boat to fly we need to get the the simulation tools and expertise thatfoils up to speed very quickly; but at we already had in place, commentshigh wind we quickly run into Holroyd. Those tools include NX,cavitation, when pressure reduces too Teamcenter and Simcenter softwaremuch over the foil.from Siemens Digital Industries Software. INEOS TEAM UK relies on Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software for computational We relied on our simulationfluid dynamics (CFD) to model the lift environment whilst the first boat wasforces acting on the foil. Modeling being built, Holroyd continues. One ofshows how the flow is developing, the first requirements after the launchchanging, for example, from laminar to was therefore physical testing toturbulent, and how it might separate, validate what our simulation showed.creating a drop in pressure and creating We expect all our simulation to becavitation or a boiling effect in the within a two percent margin; even so,water.theres always a surprise and one of the fun aspects of the job is to turn suchCFD engineer Max Starr spends 90 nuggets of information into anpercent of his day using Simcenter opportunity for our design. STAR-CCM+. When we receive a CAD file the geometry is pretty complex and Under race rules the team is limited tooften not the cleanest. We need to throw developing two boats with a maximumsome mesh on before we can solve. We of three rigs, four rudders and threecan very quickly facilitate meshing issues pairs of wings, so again the team needswithout having to fix the geometry to rely on simulation. Because wemanually and that means we achieve a cannot develop spares, the fidelity ofvery low failure rate. According to Starr, our computational solutions isthe team tends to run hundreds of short, paramount, comments Holroyd. one-hour simulations in parallel. We gain much more from these than from Flying performance one long simulation that takes weeks, A racing yacht sits at the interfacehe explains. Simcenter STAR-CCM+ has between two fluids, wind and water,a Design Manager feature which is very deriving all its power from that dynamicsmart and handles changes really easily. by minimizing drag, says Holroyd.Design Manager will manage all the However, we cant work with that inparameters and present results as a isolation. We have to considertable.58'