b'Engineer Innovation | Aerospace & DefenseLife on MarsModeling Lunar and Martian Environments with Simcenter 3D Space Systems ThermalMan hasnt set foot on the moon inbecause it provides opportunities to almost 50 years but the quest togain experience in living on other understand our near neighborsworlds and can potentially reduce the continues.Visiting the harshcost of a Mars mission by providing environments of the lunar and Martianresources that are already outside of the landscape provides several challenges Earths gravitational pull. This focus the biggest being the temperaturemeans that there is increasing interest differentials.If we are to explore thein modeling the thermal environments lunar and Martian surfaces then we needon the Moon and on Mars. In this article first to be able to design space vehicleswe look at the two thermal capable of operating in theseenvironments and investigate a number environments.of approaches to modeling them using Simcenter from Siemens Digital Many people see landing a person onIndustries Software. Two different Mars as the next big challenge forscenarios are considered, a lander or humanity. Returning to the Moon isstationary rover on the surface and a seen as a precursor to this adventuremoving rover.36'