b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & TransportationSimcenter testing solutions have expanded our existing tools and skills set to explore certain aspects of noise and vibration testing, says Madhav. Simcenter tools have been critical in reducing the time needed for data acquisition and data processing. Another benefit Simcenter testing solutions provide is the ability to rapidly access different areas and domains during the testing process. The support and assistance from the Simcenter technical team to resolve hardware-related and technical and software-related queries have been extremely valuable.Madhav continues, The tests we conduct are important considering regulatory requirements, original enhance the labs capabilities and carryspecification (OE) specifications, and out noise, vibration, and harshnessbenchmarking. They are also vital as we (NVH) studies, which contribute tostrive to continuously improve our providing noise abatement solutions atunderstanding of the NVH domain and both the components and vehicle levels. move in a direction to contribute to NVH solutions both at the national and Through the use of Siemens Digitalinternational levels. Industries Software solutions Simcenter Testlab software andSound quality is an important criterion Simcenter SCADAS hardware, thefor the automobile industry. Moreover, HASETRI tire mechanics departmentnew drive and fuel concepts, tightened carries out various NVH-related tests,ecological specifications, increase of such as noise level measurements atvehicle classes and increasing constant speed, speed-sweep tests ondiversification, challenge the acoustic the tire test rig located in a semi- engineers trying to create and preserve a anechoic chamber, in-cabin and externalpleasant cabin. Regulatory bodies are noise measurements on the vehicle levelbecoming more stringent in regard to at designated test tracks across India asNVH, especially in Europe. HASERTI well as pass-by and coast-by noisebelieves it is important to provide measurements. The departmentaccurate and reliable information on engineer also performs modal testing oncritical NVH matters during the initial tires and other relevant industrialdesign phase to meet these growing components. requirements and standards. 24'