b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & TransportationEfficient durability testing by Roush Industries Inc.Global auto engineering company uses Siemens solutions for efficient durability testingRoush opens new end-to-end testingseemed like a logical area to expand. possibilities with Simcenter solutions There is a shortage in terms of the capacity, which showed us that the Seeking solutions for durability testing investment of the MTS 329 rig made Detroit, Michigan-based Roushsense. And while we were doing that, it Industries, Inc. (Roush) providesenabled us to expand to another engineering, testing, prototypedurability-type test rig that we have been development and manufacturingtraditionally outsourcing to other services to the mobility industry. Thecompanies. This brings everything into company also offers support services toone location, all under Roush.the aerospace, defense, theme park, oil and gas, and motor sports industries.Roush is not a novice user of Simcenter solutions. In fact, the noise, vibration In 2017, Roush completed their portfolioand harshness (NVH) team has extensive with durability testing capabilities byexperience and knowledge using implementing Siemens Digital IndustriesSimcenter Testlab software.Softwares Simcenter SCADAS hardware to retain their market positionRoush has been using Simcenter tools and expand their offerings to theirfor about 30 years, says Riehle. We customers. have been very successful using Simcenter Testlab and experienced very Most of our work consists of consultinggood alignment with our large services and providing support to all bigcustomers. And as the business grew, we three U.S. automotive manufacturers asstarted to use other Siemens products well as many other international OEMs,such as Simcenter Amesim, Teamcenter says Paul Riehle, vice president of CAE,and Simcenter Nastran and added a lot NVH, Durability, and Additiveof extensions of Simcenter Testlab. But Manufacturing at Roush. Durabilitynot only the software, we also added a 42'