b'Marine | Engineer InnovationAutomation and calculationWe have established extensive automation within NX, comments Ollie Pendleton, design engineer with responsibility for managing the Siemens solution. We have a lot of parameterized models on which we can change fundamental aspects and let NX update. This allows for speedy last-minute changes and is particularly helpful as deadlines mount and we start to see other boats. We can quickly adjust our own models in order to understand the approach adopted by other teams.The design team also takes advantage of the automation and high-level The rules and regulations push scripting which it has built into Simcenter STAR-CCM+. As a result, non-CFD specialists can design a foilour research and development and define the matrix and test conditions. further into the digital world.Another rule is that teams are not allowed to test in any closedGrant Simmer environment such as a wind tunnel, soChief executive the pressure is back on simulation. TheINEOS TEAM UK59'