b'Engineer Innovation | Consumer Goodshow internally and doing it in-house. Now that the company has made the necessary investments, Samsonite has three enthusiastic engineers who perform the bulk of the simulations and are eager to extend the range of the application for the insights it provides them.Gaining insightMost of our CAE work is currently still on an as-needed basis, explains Gilles Vanneste, 3D Engineer at Samsonite. From the tumble and the drop tests, we observe damage on, for example, the wheels, a bracket, the carry handle, or the shell, which is unacceptable. Using that knowledge, produced and offered in globaland by applying the proper boundary markets. To become more effective inconditions, we then try to simulate the achieving the desired product quality,behavior in Simcenter. In this way we the Samsonite team in Oudenaardecan discover the locations of high selected Simcenter software fromstress concentration, which areas need Siemens PLM Software. to be improved, where we need to reinforce, and much more. Sometimes We were already Siemens customerswe even learn things we had no idea for a very long time, says Vivienabout, such as the effect of adding ribs Cheng, Head of the Producton the overall suitcase stiffness.Development Department. For many years we have successfully used NXThese valuable insights gave Vanneste software for our CAD/CAM work. Sothe taste for more. He is quickly when we realized we could benefitbuilding up knowledge of boundary from increasing our knowledge in CAEconditions and improving his modeling and FEM, and from deploying askills. That doesnt go unnoticed solution inside our organization,within his team. It regularly happens Simcenter 3D was the logical choice. that a designer comes to me with only the drawing, says Vanneste. We then Samsonite recognized the relevance ofevaluate whether the suitcase will be using the Finite Element Methodstrong enough, or if the entire concept (FEM) more than ten years ago. Theneeds to be reconsidered. Its actually company outsourced the analysis for aquite thrilling when thinking about it while, before building up the know- in this way, because it means that we 10'