b'Engineer Innovation | Automotivemade using additive manufacturing, amaterial to be used and organize the technology that is also involved inlayers of laminate.making several full-scale car parts. In some cases, this process can beFibersim ties departments together completed overnight, though morethrough one single digital model, complex parts may take several weeks. which becomes the baseline for how data migrates through design and Using composites for lightweightultimately to manufacturing, says Ian strength and stiffness Goddard, head of technical Composite components are formedpartnerships at Renault Sport Formula when pre-impregnated materials areOne Team.layered into a mold and cured in autoclaves at high temperature andThere are over 1,000 pieces of pressure. The result is an extremelycomposite material in a race car, and strong, light and stiff material thatFibersim was first used by Renault contributes to both performance andSport Formula One Team for the most safety; Composites account for 85% ofcomplicated parts, such as the chassis. the volume of a racing car, but onlyGoddard continues, Having evolved 25% of its mass. The low mass ofthe process over many years to gain composite material enables engineerscontrol of things like the chassis, we to alter the position of a cars center decided to apply the same mindset to of gravity, and this can have aeverything and introduce control significant influence on handlingmethodologies on all components, characteristics. from the tiniest little bracket up to aerodynamic wings and right through When aerodynamic surfaces areto our crash structures. Having that released they lack structurallevel of confidence and control properties, so the first stage ofthrough a single 3D Fibersim model, manufacture involves a close liaisonwe can really improve the overall between stress engineers and laminatequality of the parts we manufacture.design engineers. They work together to optimize the structure of a part,Fibersim enables complete precision determine the type of compositeduring the manufacturing process. It is 66'