b'Engineer Innovation | Marinegeometry until very late in the designin opening Princess Yachts out to a process with the knowledge thatwider audience.detailed design elements and drawings would be automatically and accuratelyWith the R35 we achieved a reduction updated. of up to 30 percent in fuel consumption at cruising speeds, with no impact on A first for the maritime industry top speed, says Schofield. In addition, The project took 18 months fromthe actively controlled hydrofoils allow concept through prototype testing tofor greater accessibility of performance. the highly anticipated launch of the R35With a choice of sport and comfort at Cannes in September 2018. This ismodes, the skipper can tailor the the first small boat that Princess Yachtsseakeeping characteristics of the vessel has produced in a very long time andto suit conditions.we are delighted, comments Mackenzie. A huge amount ofLeveraging PLM tools and techniquesexcitement was generated by theTechnology from top-level racing gives launch and we have a very healthythis boat the edge, says Mackenzie. order book. From a brand perspective,Using foil technology for the first time the R35 has been incredibly successfulwas a huge step for Princess. The R35This enables us to accurately predict and interrogate the performance of millions of potential hull forms extremely quickly.Paul Gliddon Naval Architect BAR Technologies44'