b'Engineer Innovation | Aerospace & DefenseHigh channel-count dynamic measurements Figure 1: The Simcenter SCADAS hardware andDynamic measurements with hundreds of the Testlab software provide integrated signal conditioning capabilities acquisition channels performed efficiently with Siemens Simcenter Testing Solutions.A challenging task 10-gigabytes of data generated everysupport multiple applications and make Aerospace applications typically requireminute during the test. Now think ofuse of the widest variety of sensors. The the acquisition and processing ofhow to monitor, process and store thisSimcenter SCADAS hardware and Testlab massive amounts of test data. The usedata! Banking on more than 30 years ofsoftware are fine-tuned for multi-physics of several hundreds of sensors thatexperience in dynamic testing, Siemensapplications, including noise, vibration measure vibration, acoustic, thermal orPLM Software has implementedand durability, and provide integrated any other dynamic parameter isadvanced technologies to efficientlysignal conditioning capabilities that necessary to gain better insights intosupport test engineers in thesesupport any kind of sensor, from simple the dynamic response of aerospacelarge-scale test campaigns.Voltage or ICP sensors to charge or structures, as well as to validate theirbridge sensors. The system offers a design without missing anyChoosing the optimal measurementunified platform with great flexibility to hidden flaws.system for the application handle all acoustic, vibration and During the development cycle of a fulldurability test requests, making it This might sound easy from a conceptualaircraft, spacecraft or even a singlepossible to adapt to late-changes in point of view. However, practically,component, several dynamic tests mustinstrumentation and test planning.executing such large-scale testbe performed. These tests help confirm campaigns can be a considerablepredictions from simulation models,Distributed or centralized hardware challenge for test engineers if the rightvalidate the design in view ofconfigurationapproach is not used. Just think of thecertification or qualification of theA measurement system typically consists instrumentation task for a 70-meter longspecimen under test and helpof one or several acquisition modules on passenger aircraft in preparation for atroubleshoot specific issues. Theto which sensors are connected and their Ground Vibration Test (GVT), withmeasurement system used during thissignals conditioned and digitized. A several hundreds of externalprocess needs to offer enough flexibilitySimcenter SCADAS frame hosting these accelerometers attached to it, and theto cover all these test requirements,acquisition modules is connected to the 56'