b'systems. Just think about all theand the training stage. Simulation istypes of simulation. All you need is the original source code that goes intocritical to the entire developmentcode. This means that you can link the something like this. It is immense. Thechain and my main concern in the nextvirtual flight simulator as well as source code is validated. It is lockedyears will be to support morepilot-in-the-loop development to into the model and we dont review it.engineers as they jump into this newpractically any application. This might It is precise without having todigital way of designing helicopters. impact flight tests, other question it. co- simulations like maintenance Q. One of the most typicalschedules, and even other in-house The next challenges for Airbussimulation applications thatdevelopment programs. The Helicopters will be our capacity toeveryone knows is the flightpossibilities are endless.perform joint development in asimulator. Is there a connection? simulation environment and toA. What is surprising after all theseQ. Will there eventually be a truly progressively replace physicalyears is that the answer is yes. Invirtual test bench? verification by virtual verification, therecent years, the simulation world wasA. We place an enormous amount of simulation being a means ofdivided between engineeringimportance on virtual testing at the compliance. simulation and training simulation,moment. If you look at how we work with limited sharing of models orwith Helicopter Zero and the physical Q. Are there specific areas that youtools. Basically, a training simulationiron bird, this has totally changed! are focusing on? (like a flight simulator) was developedToday, the heart of testing is A. Of course, like other industries, weafter the helicopter certificationHelicopter Zero; tomorrow it will be focus on fuel efficiency. In our(despite the customer expectation tosimulation. By using real-time development process, this happens atget trained before receiving their firstvalidated models and virtual iron bird a very early stage during the modelinghelicopters) by re-using a limited part(VIB) solutions, we can certainly of the hydraulic, fuel and electricof the engineering simulation.engineer an extremely accurate subsystems using Simcenter Amesim.Nowadays, the same simulationhelicopter solely in the virtual world. To give an example, the actual modelproduct is continuously improved from physics, be it the pressure or the pumppreliminary design phase up to theQ. What does the future of action, are validated in Simcentercertification phase. At any moment inhelicopter aviation look like? Amesim. With this type of validationtime, we can derive from ourA. Lots of technology, but as experts, it so early in the process, you can start toengineering simulation product ais up to us to make the right choices. answer bigger questions like fueltraining simulation productThere is a lot of technology out there efficiency using simulation in a(compatible with the helicopterand we need to be vigilant and make predictive fashion. Our system solutiondelivery). the right choices as experts when it for fuel efficiency that we developedcomes to smart technology and with Simcenter Amesim and SimcenterQ. So your development model canartificial intelligence. There is a side of Engineering is certainly beginning toeasily be linked to the final productsmart technology in which it becomes bear fruit. or the flight simulator. In otherartificial intelligence and where words, the digital twin can bemachines will really be able to learn Q. What are the other ways that yourecycled for other applications?behavior. This cannot be taken lightly. use this model?A. The beauty of simulation is that itOnce we open that door, there is no A. Our model is critical to confirm thecan be coupled with various othergoing back. nquality of the prototype, what we call Helicopter Zero. Before the first flight we are beginning to use it for supplyOur system solution for fuel chain validation. More and more, we are seeing our suppliers involved andefficiency that we developed using the validated model to create parts and components that are suited for the job. with Simcenter Amesim and Q. What do you think youll beSimcenter Engineering is focusing on the next five years?A. My job is critical considering the enormous complexity of helicoptercertainly beginning to bear development. There are still an enormous amount of bad surprises orfruit.things that can go wrong. Today, you cant fly without simulation: at the modeling stage, the pilot-in-the-loopNicolas Damiani stage, the prototyping stage, theExpert in simulation and operational analysis, Simulation Department, Airbus validation stage, the flight simulationHelicopters Research and Development29'