b'Medical | Engineer InnovationBiopharmaceutical manufacturer uses Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to reduce blend time by 50 percentSiemens Digital Industries Software solution helps ABEC to reduce risk, time-to-market and cost while ensuring product qualityFrom lab scale to industrial scale manually. ABEC initially helped itsupgrades, maintenance services and Every medicine ever developed startedcustomers to automate their processescustomer training. out in a lab, developed and tested into achieve reproducible performance. small batches until it was ready to beToday it provides harvest, recovery andA majority of the worlds pharmaceutical produced in large quantities. Althoughconcentration capabilities, benefitting itsand biotech companies are customers not unique to the pharmaceuticalcustomers by supporting the entireof ABEC, and more than 3,000 of the industry, the challenges of scaling upbioprocess. The company providescompanys systems are in use from lab-scale experiments to extensive aftermarket service andworldwide.industrial-scale production are criticalsupport, process consulting, equipment given the nature and intended use of the products. Scaleup is one of challenges that ABEC has been dealing with since its inception over 40 years ago when it joined the marketplace as a supplier of bioreactors and fermenters. In many ways, their timing couldnt have been better as major advances in cell culture and biotechnology were just emerging. ABEC has been providing engineering, equipment and services to the biopharmaceutical industry throughout the world since 1974. Founded by Jack Wilson, ABEC provides custom-engineered solutions to the life science industry, supporting their efforts to create life-changing therapies. The company provides a range of engineering solutions for manufacturing therapeutics. Since its inception, ABEC has enhanced its capabilities as technological advances became available. At the beginning, customer systems were being operatedFigure 1: Experimental setups used for small-scale model testing of impeller configurations 11'