b'Engineer Innovation | MarineWhere a traditional stabilizer requires a yacht to be traveling at a considerable speed, their product achieves stabilization at just 3 to 12 knots. This differs from conventional fin-based systems due to its small design and greater roll dampening abilities at lower speeds. Furthermore, the Magnus Master features retractable rotors, eliminating the risk of damage.DMS Holland wanted to provide the highest level of stability, comfort, and safety onboard. Overall, we wanted to make life at sea much more comfortable and easy, says Patrick Noor, sales and marketing director, DMS Holland. To realize our vision, we need quality companies such as Brabant Engineering to assist us with the mechanical engineering for our stabilizers.Brabant Engineering, a mechanical engineering company in Best, Netherlands, is responsible for the design and development of DMS Hollands Magnus Master, the newest generation of rotor stabilizing technology. The company is providing DMS Holland with their design expertise to develop the forward-thinking product they envisioned.Sailing toward solutionsBrabant Engineering utilizes theI have been using Simcenterinnovative design applications found in Siemens Simcenter 3D software to accurately design and simulate its 3D for the last seven yearsprojects.and I am very fond of theAll the material properties are embedded into the software design, and Simcenter 3D helps us analyze the versatility of the software.behavior and durability of our product, says Bertie Tilmans, lead engineer, This versatility allowsBrabant Engineering. By providing accurate material properties and seamless integration of multiple design companies to predict thealternatives, we can save valuable time during product development.behavior of different aspectsBrabants engineers used Simcenter 3D to accurately simulate the Magnus effect of a products design to findand confirm the Magnus Master could handle 1,100 revolutions per minute. the most effective solution.I have been using Simcenter 3D for the last seven years and I am very fond of Bertie Tilmansthe versatility of the software, says Lead EngineerTilmans. This versatility allows Brabant Engineering companies to predict the behavior of 18'