b'Automotive | Engineer Innovationan engines components over the vehicles lifecycle. To assess performance, the team conducts extensive tests on components fitted on NTCEs engine dynamometer (dyno). It also evaluates the components performance in a full assembly configuration, where the complete vehicle is positioned on the chassis dyno. Finally, the team puts passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (for example, pick-up segment) through fatigue tests, either on the test bench or the test track.A large number of the tests performed by the function and durability team are durability tests. Durability is an important performance attribute of passenger and light commercial vehicles. In the light commercial vehicles market segment, consumers are inclined to select a brand they trust will support their daily needs.Durability is extremely important, says Arturo Barreu, powertrain durability test engineer, function and durability department, NTCE-S. In Europe, this attribute is closely associated with the perception of quality. As the demand for quality increases, we need to confirm the durability of our vehicles. Consumers expect vehicles will not break down after only one year, but up to 20 years.Other attributes such as ride andSimcenter Testlab is our in-vehicle comfort, engine power and fuel efficiency are also important in thepreferred tool for durability vehicles design. The role of a durability engineer has become more complex as durability engineering teams need tovalidation. It is easy to take more parameters into account when conceiving and testingconfigure and allows us to components, subsystems and full systems of next-generation vehicles.Streamlining processes automate processing.One of the steps the team took toArturo Barreu improve durability engineering was toPowertrain Durability Test Engineer invest in solutions from the SimcenterFunction and Durability Department portfolio. With its portfolio, SiemensNTCE-SDigital Industries Software helps streamline the engineering process by offering an end-to-end solution for test-based durability engineering.A complete durability test campaign encompasses measurements on the engine dyno, followed by 27'