b'Marine | Engineer Innovationwas also our first boat to be made in One of our particular full carbon fiber for better strength-to-weight ratio, and the first in a long timestrengths is our optimization to use petrol for stronger performance. In addition, we produced a prototype, which is unusual in the marine industry.processes, and the Siemens Given the extent of collaboration and refinement, we achieved a huge amount in a very short time. We havesuite of tools is fundamental learned a lot from the specialists at BAR Technologies and we continue to workto these.with them.BAR Technologies continues to developSimon Schofield its intellectual property (IP), designChief Technology Officer tools and techniques with the aim ofBAR Technologiesremaining at the forefront of marine design technology. One of our particular strengths is our optimization processes, and the Siemens suite of tools is fundamental to these, Schofield concludes. n45'