b'Automotive | Engineer InnovationHonda R&D Co., Ltdan early adopterAs customers wishes are predictors of their buying behavior, Japanese OEMs specializing in hybrid and electrified powertrains are investigating ways to resolve the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues that go hand-in-hand with the restart technology. Honda R&D Co., Ltd wanted to be an early adopter with regards to the technology, which is why the company sought assistance from Simcenter Engineering services.Honda and Siemens have been partners for decades, specifically through the use of Simcenter products and services. In fact, Honda has been aSimcenter testing solutions for data devoted and satisfied user of Simcenteracquisition and validation today.SCADAS data acquisition hardware and Simcenter Testlab software for moreWorking with the Simcenter testing than 20 years. equipment, Honda accumulated a lot of in-house know-how, especially with From test, through engineeringregards to NVH. The company currently consulting to system simulation has this knowledge organized into Mr. Satoshi Watanabe, responsible fordifferent operational departments, Model-Based Development (MBD) ateach pursuing their specific sets of the powertrain NVH department attargets. This was the most effective Honda, explains how he believesapproach to tackle the attribute- and Simcenter testing tools far exceededsubsystem-specific challenges of competitor alternatives long ago: Thevehicle development. But with the Simcenter testing tools were multi- advent of hybrid vehicles and their purpose; they allowed for transfer pathmore complex NVH concerns, the analysis, impact testing, modal analysiscompany decided to review the and others, whereas the competitiondepartmentalized approach.was still focused on performing just a single task.Before we started developing hybrid vehicles, we were doing fine with our With this versatility, Honda was able toestablished processes and knowledge-optimize their testing processesbase, Watanabe says. However, we significantly. There was no more needwant to explore new ways to shorten to change the test setup and specialistour development cycle. Upon between measurements, losingencountering the engine restart NVH precious time, Watanabe explains.issue in their Odyssey platform, Honda Overall, thanks to the Simcenter tools,decided to implement other Simcenter our testing process became much moresolutions, and to contact Simcenter integrated. Honda is still usingEngineering services. Thanks to our collaboration withSimcenter Engineering, our development cycle time is under better control. Satoshi WatanabeModel-Based Development for Powertrain NVHHonda R&D Co., Ltd45'