b'Electromagnetics | Engineer InnovationdBA/m-dBA< -200 -190 -180 -170 -160 -150 -140 >Figure 4: Analyzing the currents induced by the electric power trainovercome this, relatively cheapBy using such a toolset, engineers can permanent magnets (alnicos or ferrites)not only obtain a more optimal solution, can be used within the flux barriers tobut they can gain precious time increase the torque of the machinecompared to current processes. Taking a without significantly increasing costs. holistic approach with a multifunctional and a broad toolset facilitates the Both automotive and aerospaceseamless integration of electromagnetic industries already have regulations forapplications into the overall design and dealing with EMI/EMC issues anddevelopment process. This results in electromagnetic shielding is a quitemore efficient, sustainable and better common domain with a wide range ofoptimized products from complex applications. But with the arrival ofairplanes and self-driving automobiles to highly complex products and large-scaleconnected consumer goods.EV powertrains in transportation and heavy equipment, there are some areasMultifunctional toolset forFigure 5:Expanding the multiphysics domain that still need investigation. In the nextelectromagnetic engineering in Simcenter 3D with the Electromagnetics section we will look at what theSimcenter 3D v19.2 has newly integratedmoduleaerospace industry is doing with EMI/ electromagnetic simulations so that EMC and how digital twins can helpengineering teams can work in closer during the design phase and providecollaboration to address these support during certification. challenges. The Electromagnetics modules include a low frequency solver There is a clear need for a broad,from Simcenter MAGNET and a multifunctional toolset forhigh-frequency solver for wave electromagnetic engineering that canpropagation class of problems. seamlessly link design and analysis digital twins throughout theThis augments the existing toolset for development cycle. Once validated,electromagnetic engineering: Simcenter these digital twins live on in PLMSPEED & Simcenter Motorsolve ecosystems and mobility chains,which are uniquely for electric motor facilitating seamless product updatesdesign and the specialized Simcenter and autonomous driving data baseStar-CCM CFD-EM simulations. nenhancements.65'